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Special Offer: Request 500 free auction credits for your auctions if your organization is using this software for the first time!
This offer ends on July 1, 2020.
Please submit your request to MyGroupAuction.com here and include the name of your organization, your user name, and contact information such as an email address and phone number.


This website is suitable for any group of people who wish to run a traditional, brick-and-mortar style auction. It was initially made by tropical fish enthusiasts to allow other fellow hobbyists to more easily share their fish and accessories, but now it has been redesigned for more general usage. It is not perfect, but the utmost care has been taken to keep it simple and convenient. We are ready to continue improving this site, and your comments and suggestions will be much appreciated.

This service provides an easy and effective way to record information about items sold and eliminates the confusing pen-and-paper approach. Once the organizer has created the auction on this site and provided initial information to sellers and bidders, participants will be able to place/view items in advance. Members of this site will have the full range of options for sellers/bidders available to them. In addition, the organizer may register sellers/bidders right before the start of the auction with a temporary status, allowing them to sell and buy for this one particular auction. This temporary registration will be erased once the auction records expire.

Very little mandatory personal information is maintained on this site. You may voluntarily provide additional information on your auction page if you choose to do so.

Hopefully, the software is simple enough to be self-explanatory. If not, you are always welcome to send your questions from the main page by clicking on “Contact Us”. Also, you can get some help by reading these tips. It may be especially useful for the organizers of auctions.

Please feel free to create a test auction to play with. Test auctions do not require any payments.

Finally, you will have to accept this legal agreement if you decide to become a member of this site.

Good luck at the auction!