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Draft of a Memo for Participants

Using MyGroupAuction.com as an Auction Site for the Colorado Aquarium Society (CAS) Auctions

CAS mini-auctions and the traditional Spring and Fall Auctions will be run by the auction software of MyGroupAuction.com. To successfully participate in these auctions, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1 Required only the first time you use MyGroupAuction.com.

Register as a user of MyGroupAuction.com:

Once you have completed your registration, you do not need to repeat this step the next time you want to participate in any auction run at MyGroupAuction.com. Just go to the website and log-in with your user name and password.

Step 2 Complete this step every time you want to sell items at a CAS auction or bid at the auction that requires bidder numbers.

After signing up you can submit your items for sale or view the items that are submitted by other auction participants. You can also see the results of your participation in the auction. Please remember your user name or alias when you arrive at the auction. Aliases are required only for the sellers and remain the same from auction to auction.

Important Note

If you experience difficulties in using MyGroupAuction.com, find the contact information in the auction description and get help from the auction organizers. If you find anything that looks like a programming error or just a design feature that could be improved, please contact MyGroupAuction.com. Your opinion will be very much appreciated, and you will help make our auctions better.

September 2019